Rihanna Slammed for Going to Nightclub While Being Heavily Pregnant

After a video surfaced of A$AP Rocky yelling at club-goers for fighting in front of his pregnant girlfriend, social media users are baffled as to why the ‘Umbrella’ singer went to the club in the first place.

AceShowbizRihanna has raised eyebrows with her lifestyle during pregnancy. After a video circulated online showing A$AP Rocky going off after a fight broke out at a club in front of Rihanna, many questioned why the pregnant singer went to the nightclub in the first place.

“Well be pregnant at home…not in a nightclub surrounded by drunk/high people. You think people thinking about her while they in the midst to turn up?” one user commented on the video. Another weighed in, “I’m sorry but the f**k Rihanna is doing there 6 months of whatever pregnant?!?? Be serious too! We knows how things can go wrong in nightclubs.”

A third advised the Harlem rapper, “Sir, don’t have your pregnant lady in the club.” A fourth critic echoed the sentiment as saying, “I mean pregnant women have no business being in the damn club anyway, I could care less if your entertainer it’s not safe but whatever suits you guys. By the way, I love me some Rihanna but facts are facts.”

The comments arrived after a viral video showed A$AP lashing out at club-goers for fighting in front of him and Rihanna during their recent outing. In the footage, the rapper can be heard getting heated with attendees of a nightclub after some patrons got into a physical altercation near him and his Grammy-winning partner. Taking matters into his own hands, he took the mic to scold them.

“Y’all n***as act like gentlemen right now, you heard?” the soon-to-be father of two said over a microphone. “I got my lady in here.” He continued, “Y’all n***as calm that s**t down, man. Don’t be in the section doing all that s**t. Calm that s**t down, y’all act like gentlemen when y’all in our presence.”

A$AP and Rihanna were reportedly at the venue for a promo party when the fight broke out, but the exact date of the incident is unclear. Meanwhile, Media Take Out claimed that the pair were inside a Tokyo nightclub when the fight broke out.

While the “Umbrella” hitmaker walked away unscathed despite the physical altercation, she was reportedly nearly injured because the commotion pushed her a few feet. Neither Rihanna nor A$AP immediately left the club after the violent incident.

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