Rihanna claps back as fans beg for new R9 album in 2021: ‘Grow up’

Rihanna has no time for fans asking for a new album in 2021.

The world has been waiting for more music from the We Found Love singer since she dropped Anti on us in 2016.

In that time, the 32-year-old has been busy building up an incredible beauty, skincare and fashion empire.

Despite this, followers have been steadily begging for the elusive R9 album, with a string of comments under her New Year’s Day post questioning when it was coming.

And RiRi is definitely not here for it anymore.

Clapping back at one, who suggested that her resolution ‘should be releasing the album’, she snapped, replying: ‘This comment is sooo 2019. Grow up.’



They weren’t the only one asking for a new music release, with an Instagram user penning: ‘Speaking of pressure, it’s the album for me.’

A fan simply screamed: ‘WHERE IS THE R9 SIS!’

‘Apply pressure to the album pls & thank u [sic],’ another said, as a follower added: ‘We better get R9 in 2021 sis.’

Rihanna has previously told everyone to stop asking her for another album, especially when she’s ‘trying to save the world’ during the global pandemic.

Chatting about what we can all eventually expect, the Work star explained her creativity actually ‘blossomed’ during lockdown, as she could take a proper break.

‘At first it was strange because I am not used to being still – but during quarantine you have no choice but to be still,’ she reportedly told Closer magazine. 

‘Then you start to realise during lockdown you are stuck there with your own thoughts and your imagination and it really helped my creativity blossom.

‘2021 is a little unknown for everybody and nobody is sure what restrictions there are going to be. My creativity is within my control though, and I want to take my music and my brands to a different level.’

Bring it on.

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