Pro-Donald Trump Protestors Storm U.S. Capitol Building, Breach Police Lines & Break Inside (Photos & Video)

The U.S. Capitol Building is now under lockdown after protestors, who have been seen holding Donald Trump signs and chanting pro-Trump chants, breached police lines and made their way to the Capitol Building.

There are also reports – and video – that the protestors actually made it inside the Capitol Building and those inside were rushed to offices and to other areas. It is unclear which staffers and government officials are still inside and who has been evacuated at this point. It appears as if evacuations are underway.

Congress met on Wednesday (January 6) to certify the results of the Presidential Election to make Joe Biden officially the next POTUS. Numerous Republicans refused to certify the election results.

Protestors were seen with “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and shouting “stop the steal,” referring to the fake claims that the election was stolen from Trump. Trump himself held a rally to claim he won the election that same afternoon.

Police released a statement, saying, “All buildings within the Capitol Complex, Capitol: External security threat, no entry or exit is permitted, stay away from exterior windows, doors. If outside, seek cover.”

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin is reporting, “A member of the Senate tells NBC’s Pete Williams that Mike Pence and Charles Grassley, the president pro-tem, have been taken to a secure location. The doors of the Senate have been closed and locked, and senators have been told to stay away from the doors.”

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