Prince Charles Shows Off His Impressive French-Speaking Skills in New Video

Bien joué, Prince Charles!

The 72-year-old royal showed off his impressive foreign language skills on Monday. Prince Charles virtually joined President Emmanuel Macron of France at the One Planet Summit, where the royal delivered his opening remarks in French.

His message translated to: "I am most touched to have been invited to join all of you, at the start of this year of hope, for this vitally important One Planet Summit.

"I can only congratulate you, Dear President, for providing such a crucial opportunity to galvanise ambitious, but practical action to address the critical challenges facing this planet, which we all share with the rest of nature."

Charles launched his Earth Charter – or Terra Carta — on Monday, enlisting top companies such as Bank of America and BP to support the new charter for the environment, which aims to ensure big businesses are including green initiatives in their future plans.

In an introductory essay to his charter, the royal grandfather, who made his first environmental speech in 1970, says we are at a "historic tipping point" in the lives and livelihoods of current and future generations" and today "must be the decisive moment that we make sustainability the growth story of our time while positioning nature as the engine of our economy."

French isn't the only other language that Prince Charles has spoken in public. As the Prince of Wales, he learned the fiendishly tricky Welsh language when he was 20 with lessons from Dr. Edward "Tedi" Millward — and their relationship and studies were portrayed in season three of The Crown on Netflix.

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In April, Charles also showed Millward's teaching hadn't been wasted when opening an emergency field hospital in Cardiff, Wales, known as the Ysbyty Calon Y Draig (Dragon's Heart Hospital).

"In a facility named, so evocatively and so appropriately, Calon y Ddraig, what can I say except 'diolch o galon,' (heartfelt thanks)," Charles said by video link. "Llongyfarchiadau ichi i gyd." (Congratulations to you all.)

Prince William appears to have inherited his father's knack for languages, once surprising a Diana Award honoree from Africa by breaking into Swahili.

"One of the young people is from Tanzania, and he started talking to him in Swahili — and this young boy was gobsmacked!" Tessy Ojo, Chief executive of the Diana Award charity, previously told PEOPLE. "It wasn't just one sentence. This was not something he had just read out of a book. It was truly special."

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Kate Middleton, however, has admitted that language skills don't come easy to her.

"I have to make sure my children are better than me, that's my aim," Kate told a woman from Italy in 2018.

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