Ozzy Osbourne Admits His Health Battle Is Driving Him Nuts: ‘I’m in Unbelievable Pain’

The rocker is currently battling Parkinson’s Disease and dealing with the aftermath of a nasty fall that aggravated a neck injury from his 2003 quad bike accident.

AceShowbizOzzy Osbourne is getting candid about his health battle. Not only he is battling Parkinson’s Disease, but the rocker is also having to deal with the aftermath of a nasty fall last year that aggravated a neck injury from his 2003 quad bike accident. In an interview with The Sun, the Black Sabbath frontman admitted he’s struggling to recover and that he’s in “unbelievable pain 24/7.”

He told the publication, “I have to take all these painkillers but I’m dying for all the opiate stuff I can’t have. The nurse keeps my medication so I don’t take anything apart from what they give me. I have to be helped to change, to have a bath… It’s just f***ing awkward, you know?” The result was apparently so bad that he rather chose to deal with Parkinson’s than the neck injury.

“First I had an infection in my hand that pulled me off the road then I got pneumonia, then I had the fall then I had the surgery and here I am today. It’s driving me nuts,” he continued sharing, before thanking his wife Sharon Osbourne for helping him get through things. “Poor old Sharon’s been a mom, a dad, everything. She works non-stop. But our relationship is better than ever. I’m so much in love with her and she’s so much in love with me. She’s been fantastic and she’s looking really good.”

The interview after Ozzy was forced to cancel his North American tour since he needed to head to Europe for “additional treatments” as he battles various health issues, including Parkinson’s Disease. Talking about the cancellation with The Sun, the rocker said, “I had to pull out because I might only be able to do a couple of shows. I’ll go out there when I’m ready and I’m not ready yet.”

He continued, “The recovery has been so goddamn slow. I’ve never been this laid up in my life and, believe me, I’ve done some stupid things. I’ve recovered from alcoholism, drug addiction, all of the above. Then I tripped over, and that’s it.”

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