NYC Realtors Optimistic About Trump Tower If President Moves to Florida

Donald Trump‘s possible exit from NYC and his famous Trump Tower could be the exact thing that helps rebound prices in the building … so say the people trying to sell them.

We spoke to a number of NYC-based real estate agents familiar with the President’s signature building and home base for years, and they gave it to us straight … real estate valuations across the board have, by and large, dipped since 2016.

For instance, two TT units that were worth $4.3 mil and $3.5 mil before Trump’s run are now valued at just $2.495 mil and $3.3 mil, respectively. We’re told it’s a similar story for units elsewhere in the high-rise.

The agents say the losses can be chalked up to any number of things — like a poor market in the City, the pandemic, or … disdain for POTUS.

The agents we spoke to think if Trump does move out of NYC after his Presidency — as he vowed — the TT market could rebound.

If Donald leaves, building security will loosen up big time — something these realtors say turns people off when they’re looking at the property. Building access is a hassle … cops blocking off streets, not being able to hail a cab, and all the red tape for guests who enter the building.

If Trump scrams … most, if not all, of that goes away — which our sources say would help in bringing prices back up. Moreover, we’re told there’s a clear divide with who will and won’t consider snapping up property in Trump Tower nowadays.

Fact is … some folks won’t even bother with TT because of the affiliation. On the flip side, there’s a whole new demographic that we’re told would love to live in their hero’s former home — so, a new dynamic of future residents, it seems.

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