Noah Becks 10 Best Red Carpet Looks Over the Past 2 Years, Ranked

May the fourth be with Noah Beck on this Thursday!

The TikTok star is celebrating his 22nd birthday TODAY (May 4, 2023) and we are celebrating by looking back at some of his best moments on the “red” carpet.

Noah first stepped out on a carpet nearly two years ago at the Billboard Music Awards in Los Angeles towards the end of May 2021.

Since then, the TikToker turned actor has made many appearances at events over the past couple of years, including making his mark in the fashion industry and attending many fashion shows.

While there are several moments to pull from, we took 10 of Noah‘s best red carpet looks and ranked them from bottom to top, though we can’t label any of them “the worst,” because the guy never looks bad!

It was hard to choose which ones and where to rank them, but let us know in the comments if you agree.

Click through the slideshow to see our Top 10 picks of Noah’s red carpet looks…

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