NLE Choppa Starting Tyre Nichols Skate Org to Benefit Tyre's Son, Family

NLE Choppa isn’t letting the momentum wane following his peaceful protest in Memphis — he’s planning to launch a skate foundation to support Tyre Nichols‘ family … especially his young son.

TMZ Hip Hop caught up with NLE, who tells us his head’s been swirling since seeing the brutal body cam footage of Tyre being pummeled to death by several now-ex-Memphis cops.

The “Shotta Flow” rapper says he was a novice when he hopped on a skateboard for the January 28 protest march he organized in Memphis. Skateboarding was one of Tyre’s passions, and NLE feels like Tyre’s talking to him through his newfound love of the sport — he says he hasn’t stopped riding, calling it the Lil Wayne effect.

NLE thinks everyone should adhere to “love” these days and thinks the MPD operated with the complete opposite — not only the night Tyre was beaten, but with the timing of the body cam footage release.

He fears Tyre’s 4-year-old son will be traumatized when he grows up and sees the video — just one of the reasons NLE wants to do all he can to help the family.

He’s hopeful Tyre’s son will grow up to share his dad’s love for skating … and maybe even manifest it into a pro career.

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