Nicole Nafziger: Azan Won’t Flake Out on Me THIS Trip!

In February, beloved 90 Day Fiance alum Nicole Nafziger announced her upcoming trip.

She has been vague on details — deliberately so.

Now, she's talking about how her next meeting with Azan will go more smoothly than their failed Grenada trip, because Azan won't back out of it.

How soon is her trip? Is she really going to see Azan again?

Have they set a wedding date? And what's she been up to anyway?

Take a look below and find out!


2.First, what has Nicole been up to recently?

3.She still gets flak for it

4.Nicole recently attended a wedding!

5.The friend was a coworker

6.Most importantly of all …

7.She's been losing weight

8.She took a major step

9.There have been some low points

10.Mostly, life is just normal … mostly

11.She's been teasing her fans

12.Is she seeing Azan?

13.Or maybe it's closer to home

14.Nicole has been answering fan questions

15.When will she see Azan again?

16.She still gets trolled

17.She spills some tea

18.Good for her

19.In fact, that's new information

20.Is she getting married soon?

21.Nicole deals with a lot of criticism

22.She's had a lot of opposition from family

23.Beyond that, Nicole's detractors come in three basic forms

24.First, the body-shamers

25.Second, bigots

26.Finally, the doubters

27.These folks at least mean well … usually

28.Or …

29.But …

30.Nicole just doesn't need to hear it

31.We're hyped for Nicole's trip!

32.Until we know …

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