Millie Bobby Brown Reveals She Snuck This Into a Hotel

Millie Bobby Brown and her bestie Noah Schnapp played True Confessions on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!

The Stranger Things co-stars and IRL best friends sat down with Jimmy Fallon and revealed a couple of confessions about sneaking into a hotel room and Shawn Mendes?

For Millie‘s confession, she opened up about sneaking in a pet into a hotel room, and it was not a dog.

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“I sneak my pet bunny into hotels,” Millie said as her confession, with Jimmy and Noah debating if it was true or not – it was!

After revealing the truth, Millie told the story about what happened, saying the hotel did find out.

“I went into the elevator and I put him under my sweater. And if they ask, ‘I’m breast-feeding my child. Why would you ever ask me? That’s so inappropriate. Where’s your HR lady?’” she said.

“Anyways… And then, [my bunny] buzzes when he gets really happy, and he was buzzing under my shirt, and his ear came out of my shirt, and the guy looks,” she continued. “And I went, ‘Look away.’ And I got off. Then I put on my ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on my door for like five days.”

Noah‘s confession was about guilt tripping Shawn Mendes into following him on Instagram.

Millie also opened up on the show about her friendship with Mariah Carey and singing with the superstar.

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