Matt Hancock dubbed ‘top stud’ as I’m A Celeb stint wins young fans

Mike Tindall 'simmering' at Matt Hancock says expert

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Matt Hancock, 44, has apparently sent hearts racing with his appearance on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! with TikTok supporters dubbing him “cute” and a “heartthrob”. His unlikely supporters are now vying for the politician to win while begging voters to stop “bullying” Matt and let other celebrities take part in the bushtucker trials.

Matt sparked nationwide fervour when it was revealed last month that he would be taking part in I’m A Celebrity.

Many were enraged that the former health secretary would not only be taking part in a reality show meant for entertainment celebrities, but also that he was leaving his constituency unmanned to be in the jungle.

As I’m A Celeb hosts described, Matt’s late entrance was the “worst kept secret in television” and his subsequent participation in every bushtucker trial since joining the show was “unsurprising”.

However, the former health secretary reasoned that joining the show would let people see “politicians are humans too”.

He also noted that it would introduce him to new, younger audiences and in this aspect the politician has been undeniably correct.

Since joining I’m A Celebrity, Matt’s TikTok account has posted clips from the show and sparked a surprising reaction from other users.

This first clip of Matt in the jungle received almost a million views and thousands of comments, most of which were negative jokes and jibes at the politician’s expense.

One commenter slammed him saying: “First trial: try not to cheat on your wife.”

However, as the show has continued the comments have taken a considerably positive turn.

In the latest clip, which shows Matt just after his last trial Deserted Down Under, hundreds of his supporters flooded the comments section within hours.

Some fans described the politician as “cute”, “fine” and the “top stud” in the camp while one went as far as calling him “daddy”.

Several noted that the “legend” had “slayed” every trial so far and hoped he would win the show, while others praised him for “putting Suffolk on the map”.

One TikTok user declared I’m A Celebrity is not the only thing Matt should win, saying: “Matt for PM.”

Another wrote: “Matt Hancock is an absolute legend in Im a celeb and I think people need to show forgiveness.” (sic)

Matt also received a lot of sympathy for being “bullied” on the show by viewers voting for him to do trials and some believing Boy George’s treatment of Matt was worth some scrutiny. 

To combat this, one fan came up with a strategy to help Matt avoid more trials, saying: “(Matt’s supporters) all need to vote for the same person each night to beat Matt’s numbers!

“Vote Monday (tonight) Chris, Tuesday Sue, Wednesday Charlene,Thursday George.”

On Monday evening’s episode, Matt wasn’t voted to do a trial for the very first time.

Instead, Boy George, Chris Moyles and Babatúndé Aléshé will be taking on the Angel of Agony.

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight on ITV at 9pm. 

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