Mary-Kate Olsen and husband Olivier Sarkozy 'reach divorce settlement'

Mary-Kate Olsen and husband Olivier Sarkozy have reportedly reached a divorce settlement.

The Two Of A Kind star, 34, and French businessman Sarkozy, 51, came face-to-face in a 20-minute virtual hearing that took place on Tuesday, according to Us Weekly.

During the hearing, it was heard that the couple have now reached a ‘final agreement’ in their divorce proceedings, with Olsen’s lawyer stating all issues have been ‘resolved’.

Sarkozy’s attorney reportedly revealed to New York judge Lori Sattler: ‘We, as of this morning, reached the final agreement. We just need to revise that agreement, get it executed and get it to you, which we will have by the end of next week.

His attorney added: ‘But, the deal is now done.’

While both lawyers for Sarkozy and Olsen agreed to submit the settlement agreement as soon as possible, Judge Sattler has set a hearing date for January 25 for the pair’s divorce to be finalised.

The agreement comes eight months after news of the pair’s split first surfaced in April last year.

Reports revealed Olsen had filed for divorce, but was told courts in New York City – one of the most affected areas from Covid-19 at the time – had not been accepting divorce filings due to the pandemic, except in the case of emergencies.

It was reported the actress had signed the petition for divorce after allegedly being asked by Sarkozy to remove her belongings out of their NYC apartment.

Olsen then requested the emergency order to allow her to file her divorce petition, but it was denied by the court, with Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz ruling it wasn’t an essential matter.

As the courts reopened in New York at the end of May, Olsen was able to officially file for divorce from Sarkozy.

Sarkozy was previously married and shares two children with his ex-wife of 14 years, who he split from in 2010.

He and Olsen began dating in 2012 and wed three years later in a private ceremony in 2015 in Manhattan. has reached out to Mary-Kate Olsen’s rep for comment.

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