Mandy Moore: Two children under two years old is a lot

Mandy Moore and husband Taylor Goldsmith welcomed their second son, Oscar Bennett Goldsmith, last October. Ozzie, as he’s called, joined big brother Gus, who was a little over a year and a half at the time of Ozzie’s birth. Mandy shared some thoughts on motherhood to Instagram recently, about being mom to two young boys and going back to work: its hard! She recently posted a pic of her nursing little Ozzie, while seemingly trying to get some rest, with the caption “Two under 2. It’s a lot.”

Mandy Moore is getting real about working mom life.
Sharing a photo on her Instagram Story Saturday where she nurses son Ozzie, 3 months, the This Is Us actress admits that she’s got a lot on her plate as a working mom of two under two.

“2 Under 2. It’s a lot,” the 38-year-old mom captioned the photo, where her eyes are closed.
Moore shares Ozzie and son Gus, 23 months, with husband Taylor Goldsmith, and has been documenting her return to acting after welcoming her second baby boy.

Last month, Moore opened up about juggling work with her sick family in another post shared on Instagram.

She captioned the shot in checklist form, listing that she has a “toddler with the flu and croup,” an “exhausted household,” and is “trying to keep myself and the newborn healthy and nursing around the clock.”

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Oh my. If those little guys just got done being sick and Mandy is back at work, ‘a lot’ is putting it mildly. “Two under” any age is a lot, I don’t care if they have jobs and spouses. We were just musing this morning about what a quiet house might sound like. However, as a person who is decidedly in the “not a baby person” column, yes, kids under the age of seven are so much more work. And having them in multiple is just a very bad idea – I kid! It’s a fine idea, but you will never know privacy again and I promise you, you’ll miss it. Good news, you *do* actually get (much of) your life back when the kids turn 12. And they are both teens, and it’s really, so much better. But it’s still A LOT.

It looks like what Mandy is working on is Dr. Death. I’m not family with that show but just reading up on it for this post, color me curious. Mandy also cancelled her tour because Ozzie’s pregnancy proved too much for her. I wonder if she’ll return to that? After she catches her breath, of course. She’s got plenty to focus on for now. Poor thing. Man, I don’t miss those days. I swear that’s why they make kids so cute. Speaking of, Jimminey Crickets, Mandy’s boys are such dolls!

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