Love Island 2019: The most HILARIOUS quotes of the series so far

We’re mid-way through Love Island series five and the iconic ITV dating show certainly hasn’t disappointed with delivering some cracking quotes.

What with ‘it’ really being what it is, Lucie Donlan’s totally shunned attempts to coin her own slogan and Tommy Fury’s absolute corkers, Love Island 2019 has been full of some pretty great one liners.

This year’s iconic catch phrase was thrown around more than Lucie threw cake in Amy’s face during that savage wedding dress challenge, and had us wondering if it really IS what it is.

It’s basically the perfect comment to drop in every awkward situation.

Just been dumped from the villa? No worries, it is what it is.

Is your girl cracking on with a six foot seven basketball player? Never mind, it is what it is.

Accidentally broken your half-girlfriend’s heart because you fancied a Casa Amor girl more? Whatevs, it is what it is.

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The internet pretty much exploded when Irish bombshell Maura strutted into the villa and instantly began banging on about how much she fancied Tommy in a totally non-PG way.

While he was cooking her a slap up, gourmet meal of dry bread teamed with cheese in the shape of a love heart and topped with lashings of ketchup and mayo, Maura understandably couldn’t control her urges to announce that the boxer was giving her ‘fanny flutters’.


As the contestants sat down in their couples for a classy al fresco breakfast spread, Molly-Mae and Tommy really got down to the nitty gritty and began to chat about their favourite words.

After Tommy declared that ‘chive’ is one of his personal faves, the pair decided to make it their special code for when their fellow Islanders were acting up. Subtle.

As super smart scientist Yewande and clever clogs fire fighter Michael chatted away about their bio-medical science dissertations, Tommy was busy yelling: ‘It’s getting a bit CHIVEY in here.‘

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Remember when wild haired, surfer chick Lucie tried to make ‘bevvy’ a thing? Yeah, that didn’t really work out.

She peppered the quirky term into her vocab in what seemed like a rather futile attempt to make the term her tag line.

But viewers weren’t having it and hundreds were raging on Twitter every time she desperately called one of the lads a ‘bev’ or squeaked ‘he’s so bevvy!’

Bless her for trying but a bev is a drink OKAY, Lucie?

If there was a prize for using the word ‘categorically’ as many times in one episode of Love Island as possible, Molly-Mae would definitely win.

As she finally blew her lid over Maura’s incessant attempts to steal her man, Mols frantically screamed the word CATEGORICALLY every chance she got.

After receiving a seriously bromantic pep talk on his bond with Molly-Mae from pro ballroom dancer Curtis, Tommy took to the Beach Hut to air his feelings of relief following the advice giving session.

Singing his pal’s praises Tommy revealed that Curtis’ positivity really ‘refreshifies’ his memory.

Despite the fact that about 95% of Tommy’s language is words he’s made up on the spot, he’s actually a pretty deep guy with some really profound mottos up his sleeve. Or so we thought.

That was until he told Curtis ‘Life is a test and love is a prize’, a line that sounds suspiciously similar to Avicii’s lyric, ‘Life’s a game made for everyone and love is the prize.’


Possibly the most awkward moment of the series so far was definitely when fiery sexpot Maura overheard flame Tom tell the rest of the villa lads it would be interesting to see if she was ‘all mouth’ before a night in the hideaway.

Fans were left fuming over the remark with hordes branding it ‘disgusting’, slamming the model for treating Maura like a ‘piece of meat’.

Luckily, Maura didn’t take it lightly, swiftly telling him to ‘f*** off’ and cancelling their cosy night alone.

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