Lil Nas X Transforms Into Santa Claus in ‘Holiday’ Music Video – Read the Lyrics & Watch the Video!

Lil Nas X is kicking off the holidays with new music!

The 21-year-old Grammy-winning rapper just dropped his brand new single “Holiday” – and the music video to go along with it.

“Holiday” is the first new song Lil Nas X has released in almost two years.

In the video, Lil Nas X takes us to the North Pole where is the new Santa Claus getting ready for the new Christmas season.

“Ayy, it’s a holiday / I got hoes on hoes and they outta control, yeah / Ayy, it’s another way,” Lil Nas X raps in the chorus. “All my n—as on go and I hope that you know it / Ayy, it’s a holiday / I got foes on foes and they all under control, yeah / I can’t even close my eyes / And I don’t know why, guess I don’t like surprises / I can’t even stay away from the game that I play.”

Lil Nas X, who rocketed to fame with his song “Old Town Road” has been teasing new music for months now, and confirmed over the summer that his debut album is “almost finished.”

You can download Lil Nas X‘s new song off of iTunes here – watch the “Holiday” music video now!

Check out the lyrics inside…

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