Leah Messer: Jeremy Calvert Divorced Me Because of My Generous Heart

More and more fans are convinced that Leah Messer should get back with Jeremy Calvert.

But their breakup was years ago, and there were a lot of factors involved in that split.

In fact, Leah is now opening up about the role that money played in their divorce.

Last week, Leah spoke on her podcast, Pressing Pause to Reboot.

She and her co-star, Kailyn Lowry, spoke on a topic of interest to many, many Teen Mom fans — what they do with their massive paychecks.

Years ago, Leah was known for compulsive, unsustainable spending habits (among other struggles).

She has now put that behind her.

Leah does confirm that, both then and now, the size of her paychecks has made her into a very generous person.

For example, Leah says that she handed over a whopping $40,000 to her father, Gary Lee Miller.

She explained to Kailyn that she did this “just to keep [him] around.”

Leah does admit that she was, at times, a little too eager to bend overbackwards to help her family.

“I would cut my own throat to hand money over to other people,” she characterized.

That is a very kind way of looking at the world, but not a very healthy habit — and it looks like Leah knows that.

“I always want people to know I’m still that humble person,”:Leah explained of her motivations.

“And I felt [that in] giving to everyone,” she reasoned. “I would get in return.”

That is very sweet … and also a recipe for being taken advantage of.

“It hurt me, like, it caused one of my divorces, with Jeremy,” Leah revealed.

She says that it helped break them up “because I would be giving to everyone.”

While that wasn’t the only factor that ended their marriage, we can see how constant generosity could put a strain on a healthy marriage.

Leah says that she would give out money to her family to help with “cars and houses and this and that.”

Her real fear, she told Kailyn, was being seen as “this stuck-up” reality TV star.

It’s totally possible to buy affection, even from your family, but it’s a slippery slope.

Eventually, Leah realized that, and she ended up setting down some firm and important boundaries.

For example, she warns that if she loans someone cash and does not get repaid, “you will never get a loan” from Leah “ever again.”

Part of what has fans bringing up Jeremy again is that they’re relieved that Jason Jordan is out of the picture.

Leah, at least, knew that Jason needed to be out of her life and out of the lives of her children.

“We’ve had a lot of disagreements lately on parenting,” Leah revealed.

“He gets openly angry,” she explained. “He gets upset and takes it out on everyone.”

That’s a sign of a very toxic person and a very terrible parent.

“There was always an expectation I could never meet. What I did was never enough,” Leah lamented.

She described: “I could get up, cook breakfast, have all the kids ready, go watch his kid, it wasn’t enough.”

If Leah and Jeremy do end up getting back together, there’s a real chance that things could be different this time.

It has been years since their divorce. Leah has grown into one of the most level-headed mothers in Teen Mom history.

And we imagine that Jeremy would feel less stressed now that Leah has set up some firm boundaries on the loans that she gives out.

But will they get back together? They’ve been seen hanging out.

Only time will tell. …

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