Lea Michele Shares Update on How She’s Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss

Lea Michele is sharing an update with fans.

The 34-year-old Glee actress recently revealed that she was suffering from postpartum hair loss after giving birth to son Ever back in August.

Lea has now taken to her Instagram Story on Wednesday (January 13) to share some tips she’s learned from other moms in how to deal with the hair loss.

“Last week I shared a little on my postpartum hair loss. I’m so grateful for all of the support and advice sent from moms and friends,” Lea started. “It seems there are also a lot of other new moms asking for any tips to help resolve this, so I’m sharing what I’ve learned! I hope this helps!”

Lea then went on to share some of the best foods to incorporate into your diet to help with hair loss, including “eggs, dark leafy greens, and fish.”

She also shared to continue taking prenatal vitamins, “especially if your breastfeeding” along with some shampoos to try.

“Mainly everyone said not to stress. As if that’s easy!” Lea continued. “It’s not fun after everything our bodies went through for 9 months (and after) it’s hard experiencing this especially when we want to get back to feeling like ourselves again. But in the end it’s just temporary and our bodies are beautiful and amazing to do all that they do.”

Lea concluded, “I hope some of that helps any mommies out there experiencing PPHL. My biggest tip: throw the hair in the trash not the sink to avoid clogging the drains lol.”

Check out Lea Michele’s tips inside…

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