Larissa Lima: I Can Stay in America! It’s a Miracle!!

While Larissa Lima’s many fans wonder what in the world she’ll do after she quits OnlyFans, Larissa is still thinking about her future.

And she recently received some very good news about it.

We may not know what her next job will be, but we at least know where it will be.

Because Larissa just received an “immigration miracle.” Congratulations!

On September 19, 2020, Larissa was abruptly detained by ICE.

She was eventually free to go, but was placed in deportation proceedings.

Larissa had just purchased a house with then-boyfriend Eric Nchols and was in the process of moving to Colorado Springs at that time.

However, she has kept a positive attitude.

Larissa has fought to continue her legal residency.

After all, she came to the US on good faith, hoping to make her relationship with 90 Day Fiance villain Colt Johnson work out. Ultimately, it did not.

Since then, larissa has made friends, established professional relationships, and even seriously dated within the US.

She is one of the most polarizing and well-known stars in all of 90 Day Fiance history. Genuinely, she is famous.

For a multitude of reasons, from her hopes for the future to her career to he ties to the community in America, Larissa does not want to face deportation.

Good news!

Recently, she took to her Instagram Stories to share a very special announcement.

“An immigration miracle just happened,” Larissa revealed to her fans. “Thank you GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!”

Larissa did not specify what went down at her immigration hearing.

However, it seems safe to say that she received news of her continued legal residency in the US.

Whether this simply means that she has a few more months or is on track to get her Green Card … we just don’t know.

Ex-boyfriend Eric Nichols did speak up, however.

He took to his own Instagram Stories to celebrate Larissa’s good news.

“Congratulations on your immigration hearing, Doll!” he exclaimed.

Not all exes get along so well, but Larissa and Eric seemed to part on very good terms when they split.

In fact, recently, a fan asked Larissa who her celebrity crush is right now.

She replied with a very alluring snap of Eric Nichols — leading some fans to believe that it’s only a matter of time before these two get back together.

Larissa recently stunned fans by revealing that she plans to leave OnlyFans.

That is a shocking announcement, because she has previously shared that she rakes in as much as $40,000 a month on the site.

That is a massive salary of nearly a half-million dollars a year. What could possibly pull her away?

(Don’t worry, though — she says that she’ll still be on for another couple of months at least, so if you’ve been wanting to check out her content, you still have a chance)

Larissa has not revealed where she will be going next or what she will be doing, except to refer to concentrating on her “studies.”

That is a vague term, and could mean anything from attending a university to culinary school.

Some fans believe that Larissa is going into beautician studies, as she has certainly undergone a tremendous amount of work.

Others, however, point to how Larissa has shared in the past that she has a passion for helping immigrants who have had traumatic ordeals like hers and want to fight deportations caused by malicious exes.

That sounds like a worthy cause — though anything bringing you five figures a month is going to be a tough act to follow.

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