Larissa Dos Santos Slams ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Andrei for Calling Her ‘Michael Jackson 3.0’

Making fun of the Brazilian star’s plastic surgeries in the latest episode of the TLC show, Andrei Castravet says, ‘People may say that she’s like Michael Jackson 3.0.’

AceShowbizLarissa Dos Santos Lima refuses to stay silent when someone is making fun of her. She hit back at her “90 Day Fiance” co-star Andrei Castravet after he made disparaging comments about the Brazilian star in the Sunday, September 27 episode of the TLC reality show.

Larissa and Andrei joined the other cast members during the Tell-All episode, in which the latter then started making fun of Larissa’s cosmetic procedures. “Colt, why are you playing with women so much, and breaking their hearts so much, that they’re changing their f**king faces already?” he told Larissa’s ex Colt Johnson, prompting Elizabeth to laugh. “I don’t recognize her, what’s going on?”

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Not stopping there, he then added, “People may say that she’s like Michael Jackson 3.0. You know what I mean?” Larissa, not going to let herself be humiliated in public any further, was quick to make the couple speechless by saying, “At least I have a job!”

Their argument didn’t end there, though. Later on, when Larissa stressed that she still sends money to her daughter despite her plastic surgeries, Andrei asked in a mocking tone, “Where’s her kids right now?” The raven beauty then hit back, “Why do you talk about my kids? I don’t talk about your kids, don’t talk about mine. Stop to be low. …You don’t have the morals to talk about my kids.”

Fans of “90 Day Fiance” were siding with Larissa over this. “I don’t understand why Libby and Andrei were so RUDE to Larissa like damn. Definitely wasn’t necessary to attack her like that,” one person said. “Larissa do not let Andrei go in your family business!!! Let him go get a job away from your jacka** and jealous brother & sister!!!!” another chimed in, while one more person wrote, “What did Larissa do to Libby and Andrei that they feel they have the right to come for her?”

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