Lana Del Rey Recording New Song In Response To Mass Shootings

Touched by last weekend’s mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Lana Del Rey has written a new song expressing her thoughts about the twin tragedies.

Del Rey teased the new song, titled “Looking For America,” on Instagram on Monday.

“Hi folks came back early from Montecito with my brother this morning and asked Jack Antonoff to come into town because I had a song on my mind that I wanted to write,” said the singer and poet.

“Now I know I’m not a politician and I’m not trying to be so excuse me for having an opinion – but in light of all of the mass shootings and the back to back shootings in the last couple of days which really affected me on a cellular level, I just wanted to post this video that our engineer Laura took 20 minutes ago,” she added.

In what is seen as a hate crime, 22 people were killed and 26 others injured when a 21-year-old gunman opened fire at a Walmart in the southern border town of El Paso, Texas, on Saturday.

Hours later, 9 people were killed and 20 others wounded as a man opened fire with an assault rifle targeting revelers in a neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio.

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