La La Anthony Pulls Super Rare Spider-Man Card Worth Over $100K!

La La Anthony ensured her son, Kiyan, will have the best birthday gift ever … she pulled a one-of-a-kind Miles Morales Spider-Man card worth over $100K, and mom’s reaction is amazing!!

And, the odds of landing the unique card … one in 602,400!

Anthony recently visited Ken Goldin at the Goldin Auctions company headquarters in New Jersey where she cracked boxes from the 2021-22 Upper Deck Marvel Spider-Man set.

“Breaking boxes with my son Kiyan is the highlight of the hobby for me,” La La said. “I love understanding a world he’s a part of and enjoys so much. I was so excited to bring home this incredibly rare card to him, it’s truly a gift of a lifetime.”

La La’s reaction when she saw the card was priceless … she was absolutely shocked, explaining they’d never landed such a prized card in the past.

Kiyan, 15, is an avid collector of Marvel and superhero cards, so the gift from mom will surely mean a lot to the rising hoops star.

“The fact that La La pulled this one-of-a-kind card featuring Miles – an inspiration and hero that so many people look up to – is really marvelous,” Goldin, who has sold some of the most valuable memorabilia items ever, told us.

“This was the first one-of-one card I’ve ever pulled in my more than 40 years of collecting, too which made it even more special!”

Carmelo, better come correct with the gifts this year!!! 😁

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