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Many adjectives may spring to mind when you hear the name Kim Kardashian. Like, “famous.” Or, “glamorous.” And perhaps, since she lives with husband Kanye West in a $60 million home, “wealthy beyond belief.” But what about the word “relatable”? Um, maybe not? Sure, she’s married with four kids, but the family is tended to by a chef, bodyguard, and makeup artist. No wonder it’s so fun to binge on Keeping Up with the Kardashians — this “reality TV” show feels more like a fantasy to most of us.

Except, if you caught Kim K’s social media feed, you might have noticed that the influencer’s life went a bit off-script recently, thanks to her five year-old son, Saint West. The little guy found a pair of craft scissors and decided to play barber shop, as Page Six reported. Based on the photos Kardashian shared on Instagram Stories, Saint appeared to chop off about a handful’s worth of curls, but still sported a full head of hair. “Still looks cute tho,” the proud mama commented.

Kardashian believes Saint West is her 'soul mate'

While some moms might see red at the sight of a pair of scissors in their kid’s hands, and a pile of hair on the floor, it’s easy to see why Kim Kardashian could not stay too mad for very long. In an Instagram post shared on Saint’s fifth birthday, Kardashian expressed how connected she feels to her little man, calling him “one of my life’s soul mates.” The “drive-by” party the family threw for him certainly did not compare to previous Kardashian-West celebrations — guests had been flown into their 2014 wedding via private jet, according to Brides. But, Kardashian said Saint took the toned-down event in stride. “I know a drive- by party isn’t ideal but it’s our times and you are so excited!” she posted.

Sounding, indeed, like a proud mama, Kardashian added, “You are always so joyful and bring so much joy into my soul every single day.”

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