Kerry Katona reveals daughter Heidi is now in private school after being bullied

Kerry Katona has revealed that her daughter Heidi is now attending a private school after "struggling" at the end of the last academic year when she was targeted by bullies.

Writing in her latest new! column, Kerry opens up about her decision to move Heidi to the new school as well as reflecting on her decision to quit Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, after her exit was televised over the weekend. Sign up below – for free! – to read her latest column.

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Heidi has her spark back

Heidi started at a new school last week. It’s the same school DJ goes to, and Mollie and Lilly went there, too.

I’m so happy. It’s a really good private school, and I’m proud that I’ve managed to turn my financial situation around to be able to afford to send them there.

Heidi really struggled at the end of the school year, before summer. She was being bullied. We also moved house and she had to say goodbye to a lot of friends. She’s 14 and it’s a tough age.

She felt down on life – everything was negative. I felt she’d lost her spark. But a week into her new school, she seemed so excited. I could see that spark in her face again and I’m so pleased.

I’m so happy with my new boobs

I recently had surgery to reduce my boobs and I’m so pleased with the results. I’ve made no secret about having implants, but the size they were caused me back pain.

Now they feel so much more manageable and I’m really happy with them. I love the shape, too. I felt like I was tripping over my nipples before! Ha! But now they look great.

I had to deal with my grief off camera

By now you will have seen that I quit SAS: Who Dares Wins. It was a mental thing for me. The shouting and the whole ordeal reminded me of my late husband.

I realised I was still grieving George’s death and because of the amazing aftercare that the show offers, I knew the best thing for me was to leave and deal with my emotions off camera. SAS was the best therapy I’ve ever had.

We were still married when he died, so I’m a widow. SAS and its aftercare made me realise it’s OK to grieve George and feel sad, despite the problems we had. It gave me the closure I truly needed.

I’m grateful to get to 41

I turned 41 recently and even though I was working, our Lilly threw me a birthday dinner. My friend Danielle Brown came, and it was the first birthday I’d spent with my mum Sue in years.

I hadn’t celebrated my birthday up north in so long. I was nervous about turning 41, but the death of Sarah Harding put things into perspective for me.

I woke up on my birthday thinking, “Oh God, I’m 41!” But then you realise how lucky you are to have actually got to this age. So many people aren’t as lucky. Life is to be celebrated.

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