Kenny G Asks Judge to End His $40k a Month Spousal Support to Ex-Wife

kenny g Lyndie Benson

Kenny G is saying “enough” to his ex-wife … he can no longer afford to pay her a king’s ransom in spousal support, and he says she’s more than capable of getting a job.

Kenny’s lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser, filed legal docs Friday asking the judge to pull the plug on his monthly, $40,000 spousal support obligation, saying it’s become impossible to pay … and one big reason is COVID.

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The 66-year-old musician, who was married to Lyndie Benson for 21 years, has been paying her $40k a month since 2013. All told, that comes to $3.9 million.

Kenny has already filed legal docs saying his touring opportunities during and even after COVID have significantly diminished … and that’s how he makes money. He goes on to say there’s been a steady decline in income since 2018.

Lyndie Benson kenny g

In Wasser’s legal docs, she says, Lyndie’s 57 and in good health, adding, “Lyndie has refused to become fully self-supporting for almost 10 years. Kenny should not have to continue to bear the burden of her refusal to do so.”

Wasser goes on to say she’s actually started a clothing company but won’t disclose how much she’s making.

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