Kat Von D Selling Her 'Cheaper By the Dozen' Home for $15 Million

Kat Von D is saying goodbye to all things California — she just listed her L.A. mansion, which also happens to be a famous movie location … TMZ has learned.

Long before Kat moved in, the huge home was featured in the 2003 movie “Cheaper By the Dozen” — but take a look around this pad … ain’t a damn thing cheap about it!!!

The 3-story, gorgeous crib is 12,565 sq feet with 13 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

Kat paid $6.5 million for it back in 2016 … and she’s put some work and money into the place since then.

We’re told she completely restored the Victorian home which some unique features, like a library, hidden bar with hand-carved walls and 7 fireplaces!!!

You know you’re living right when your living room has a title — Kat’s is called the ‘French Ballroom’ — and one more bonus is the 2-bed, 1-bath carriage house over the garage.

It also has some more commonly seen luxuries … like a pool and spa.

Jamie Sher of The Sher Group holds the listing.

Kat selling shouldn’t come as a surprise — back in October, she announced she was leaving Cali for good and putting down roots in Indiana.

As you can see, she’s leaving behind a huge home in SoCal, but we’re betting she’ll have a pretty sweet pad in Indiana too, where she’ll get way more bang for her buck.

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