JoJo Siwa Returns For Another ‘Worldwide Live’ Backyard Performance – Watch Now!

JoJo Siwa put another high energy performance on her backyard stage for “Worldwide Live 2.0“!

The 16-year-old entertainer started in her front yard on top of her convertible with “Kid In A Candy Store” before making her way to the backyard.

Next up was a mashup of “I Want Candy” and “Tootsie Roll”. She then slowed it down for her third and final song, “Only Getting Better”.

“WORLDWIDE LIVE 2.0 IS UP!!🌟🌏 I’m so excited for this performance tonight! GO LIVE ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!💥” JoJo shared on Instagram before uploading her new video.

“I was testing a new Heart eye makeup look yesterday and i was OBSESSED w it!!! so i took some pics and well hahaha here u go hahaha. and the last video i was seeing how fast i could play lol,” she said about her new eye makeup look.

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