Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Is In 'The Happiest Place' EVER With New GF – Even His Co-Stars Approve!

Break out the Ron-Ron Juice, because this calls for a celebration!

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro appears to finally be happy and settled into a positive relationship after a particularly rough year. Three weeks ago he went public with his new girlfriend, Saffire Matos, and to hear him tell it in a new interview, it sounds like the two of them are made for each other!

The 34-year-old Jersey Shore star spoke to Us Weekly about his new partner, and he couldn’t stop complimenting her — or talking about how happy she makes him feel! Ron, you’re gushing, you little sweetheart! LOLz!!!

While speaking to the outlet to promote the upcoming new season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation — which premieres Thursday night, BTW — the New York native couldn’t help but spend most of his time talking about Matos, saying:

“She’s special to me. I met her back in February and we talked for, you know, for four or five months and we really did have a strong connection and bond. And then we kind of rekindled things right before I went back to film with the guys. And you know, it’s different for me because I found someone that adds to my happiness.”

Awwww! That’s so sweet!

Of course, Magro has been in the middle of a not-so-healthy relationship (and post-relationship…) with ex GF Jen Harley, with whom he shares 2-year-old daughter Ariana Sky. And though Jen will forever be in Ronnie’s life as co-parent to Ariana, it sounds like romantically the reality TV star is way past old flings.

About Matos, Ronnie added:

“She really does make me happy. She supports me. She loves me, you know, and that’s something that I’ve always looked for, and I feel like that’s thing that I have not gotten in return and it’s thing that I’ve always given to other people. I would definitely say I’m in the happiest place I’ve been in a long time. You know, I feel like in the past I’ve always said ‘I’m happy and I’m in a good place.’ I feel like I finally really have found my happiness.”

Happy, happy, happy… he’s said it a million times already, but we’re happy for him!

The MTV personality also appears to have done some serious personal development over the past twelve months. To hear him tell it, at least, it sounds like he’s in a lot better place — and has matured quite a bit — than some of the low points he’s experienced in the last few years.

The Las Vegas resident said:

“I’ve been through a lot, but to use it as fuel to make myself better. I realized going to make me stronger and it’s going to build me as a person and as a man. And that’s what I want because that’s who I want my daughter to watch me grow up to. I want her to see me grow up to be the man I am basically.”


And even better, it’s not just Ronnie who’s so excited about this new relationship, either! As he’s quick to note, a few of the reality TV star’s Jersey Shore castmates already approve of Saffire, too!

Vinny Guadagnino and Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino have already met Matos, according to Ronnie, who told the outlet they “like her already.”

The 33-year-old Guadagnino, from Staten Island, confirmed as much in his own discussion with the outlet, too. Gushing on how happy he is to see how Magro has “turned his life around,” the low-key housemate said:

“I approve and I’m happy that he’s happy. That man has definitely turned his life around. And that’s the biggest highlight of this next season is Ronnie was, like, present and there. That man showed up. … We’ve seen Ronnie go through a lot of struggles.”

Dare we say things sound really good right now for Ron-Ron?!

The Situation concurred, summing it up perfectly:

“We’re so excited and so proud to see this version of Ronnie. We call it ‘stable Ronnie’ … It’s good to see a happy, funny Ronnie on TV because tons of fun.”

Love to see Stable Ronnie!!!

As we noted (above), the fourth season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation premieres on MTV on Thursday night, November 19, at 8:00 pm ET. And from the sound of it, it appears Ronnie will be in rare form for it!

Can’t wait!!!

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