Jennifer Coolidge Sent to Emergency Room Due to Spray Tan

The Tanya McQuoid of ‘The White Lotus’ reveals in a new interview she was taken to a hospital after getting a spray tan while filming the HBO critically-acclaimed series.

AceShowbizJennifer Coolidge claims a spray tan landed her in the emergency room. One of the few returning cast members to the Mike White-created satire’s second season set in Sicily, “The White Lotus” star revealed her attempt not to resemble a “big, white marshmallow” got her admitted to the hospital while filming the HBO critically-acclaimed show.

“For ‘The White Lotus’, I didn’t want to look like a big, white marshmallow on the beach in Hawaii, so I got a spray tan. I got on the plane and I started to feel really weird. By the time I got off the flight, I had to go to the emergency room,” the 61-year-old actress told Allure magazine.

Jennifer – who scooped up her first Emmy for her portrayal of emotionally damaged heiress Tanya McQuoid earlier this month – had to end up just relying on “regular makeup” while shooting in at the luxury resort in Hawaii alongside her co-stars such as Connie Britton, Jacey Lacey, Sydney Sweeney, Alexandra Daddario, and Natasha Rothwell.

She said, “I think we ended up using regular make-up. The minute we stopped filming, I would shower. I have such a quick reaction to stuff.”

The “American Pie” star revealed she only just “started getting allergic” to beauty products. Jennifer said, “I was never someone who cared very much about ingredients. Then, I’d say the last five or six years, I started getting allergic. My eyes would always be tearing up, but it never occurred to me that it was my make-up.”

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