Jenelle Evans Eason to see son, Kaiser, out of court for the first time since custody battle began

Jenelle Evans Eason is in the middle of a custody battle that could take months to resolve. Teen Mom 2 fans are likely already aware that Jenelle had her children removed from her home following a shocking incident in which her husband, David Eason, murdered the family dog.

She and husband David are currently working to regain custody through the court system.

Since then, she has been unable to see her three children without supervision, and only sees them before the court dates. Unfortunately, the kids are split up as her son, Jace, and daughter, Ensley, live with their grandmother while her son, Kaiser, lives with his father, Nathan.

Jenelle previously had the chance to visit Kaiser but claimed she was unable to make it. Some fans weren’t buying her excuse, stating that Jenelle just “didn’t want” to see her 3-year-old son.

However this weekend is Kaiser’s birthday, and the controversial Teen Mom star will get to see him for his big day.

Radar Online camped outside of the courtroom, asking Jenelle if she would be seeing Kaiser for his 5th birthday.

The former reality star simply commented, “Yup.”

It is not known if the other children will attend Kaiser’s birthday as well, or if David Eason will be allowed to attend the party. It appears Eason’s presence has been the most controversial aspect of Jenelle’s life and a big part of why she lost custody of her children in the first place.

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