Jamie Dornan Spills Real Reason Why He Has to Put on Best American Accent to Order Food

The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ star, who comes from Belfast, Northern Ireland, confesses to Kelly Clarkson on her talk show that he tried to lose his real accent during his early days in Hollywood.

AceShowbiz -Waiters and waitresses had such a problem understanding Jamie Dornan in American restaurants when he first came out to Hollywood he had to fake an accent to order food.

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” star’s strong Belfast, Northern Ireland brogue still leaves many in Hollywood scratching their heads when he speaks, but it was really tough for him to to be understood when he was a hopeful.

“I don’t feel I’ve ever benefitted from it (accent),” he told Kelly Clarkson on the pop star’s U.S. daytime talk show. “In fact, I feel like I was already trying to lose my accent, particularly (during) those early days in L.A. when I used to come over and try to get work.”

He went on sharing, “No one understood what I was saying so I always had to try and get rid of it. I’m pretty health conscious but I also love fast food, like most people, when it’s on offer, and I used to go to (fast food chain) In-N-Out Burger all the time.”

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“And I always used to put on an American accent when I’d put my order in… I’d be like (with Irish accent), ‘Yeah, can I get this?’ and they’d (restaurant staff) be like, ‘We have no idea what you’re saying,’ ” the 38-year-old hunk confessed.

So the hunk pretended to be from the U.S. and would try again.

“Then I’d be, ‘Oh God, OK, sorry, can I get a double double (burger) and some fries,’ ” he added, showing off his best American accent. “And then they’d be like, ‘Oh yeah, sure!’ “

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