James Charles Goes Off in Rant About Instagram Update: ‘Their Priorities Lie in Making Money’

James Charles is calling out Instagram.

The 21-year-old influencer went on a rant on his Instagram Story this week, putting the social media platform on blast for their latest update.

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“Save yourself the time. As usual, it’s absolute trash and proves once again that Instagram does not give a flying f–k about their creators or literally anybody that uses this app. They moved everything around and it makes it very, very clear where their priorities lie: making money, and only making money,” he said.

“They moved the post button and the notification buttons to the upper right corner…instead, now the post button leads you to Reels, nobody f–king asked for Reels. We have TikTok for a reason,” he continued.

“Now, the notifications button is a shop button. Who is shopping on Instagram?” he exclaimed.

“Instagram just keeps adding features that literally nobody is asking for. I just don’t understand, I’ve said this so many times before…do you know how easy it would be to just make a few changes to the algorithm here and there, to at least make everyone kinda happy, but still add these features to make more money on the back end?”

James also recently revealed what cosmetic work he’s had done.

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