Ivanka Trump Tagged the Wrong Tiffany Trump While Wishing Her Sister a Happy Birthday

Oops! Tiffany Trump‘s 27th birthday was earlier this week and it was discovered that her older sister Ivanka Trump sent birthday wishes to the wrong person!

Ivanka, 38, went on Twitter and shared a throwback photo from when they were much younger.

“Happy birthday @tiffanytrump! Hope this year marks your best turn yet around the sun! Love you so much! ❤️,” Ivanka wrote in the tweet.

The only problem is that @TiffanyTrump is not a real account and it’s a blank account created in May 2010 that has 717 followers. Tiffany‘s actual account is @TiffanyATrump and she has around 800,000 followers on the social media app. She did see the post though and retweeted it.

Tiffany was slammed this week for throwing a big birthday party in Miami this weekend, despite the coronavirus pandemic still happening.

Watch the rare speech that Tiffany made this summer at the RNC.

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