Gino DAcampo says wife knew he would break the cage in marriage

Gino D’Acampo announces break from This Morning

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Gino D’Acampo, 46, has been married to his wife Jessica Morrison since 2002, with the couple renewing their vows on his ITV show Gino’s Family Adventure last year. The TV chef has spoken exclusively to about the secrets to a healthy marriage, crediting his wife for knowing that he would have “disappeared” if she ever “caged” him in.

You need to have your own hobbies!

Gino D’Acampo

Gino has been married to Jessica for over 20 years, with the couple having three children together: Luciano, 21, Rocco, 18, and Mia, ten. asked the This Morning chef how his marriage has stayed so healthy and strong over the years.

He replied: “So, a couple that thinks that couple could live forever in each other’s pockets, 24 hours a day, is an insane way of thinking.

“I believe every human no matter the sex or age or anything else needs to lead their own life!

“You need to have your own hobbies, friends and your own holidays! I think that’s why my marriage has lasted for so many years.”

Gino then touched on how much Jessica “understands” him, contributing to their healthy marriage.

He continued: “Jessica is a very clever woman and she has understood me from day one. She knew that if she would put [me] in a cage then eventually I would break the cage and disappear if she did that.

“So yeah, that’s the secret to a healthy marriage!”

Gino also leaves the element of surprise in his relationship, admitting that if he goes away for long periods of time, he rarely contacts his other half.

He said: “I could be filming in Italy or somewhere in the world for two weeks and I would perhaps call my wife once or twice.

“There is no need, apart from when I want to hear from her or if something happened.

“What’s the point in bothering your wife to the point I need to pretend to want to make a phone call is insane! I don’t buy into it.”

Lifestyle-wise, Gino made the decision over a year ago to cut back on certain areas of his eccentric foodie lifestyle as he approaches 50.

Although Gino has opted for a healthier way of living, he made clear that he still eats what he wants in moderation.

He said: “The most important thing is I still eat the things I want to eat in moderation. What helped me a lot is having a better breakfast in the morning.

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“It kind of gives me an extra kick that I needed, you know throughout the day and that helped me a lot and it still helps me a lot.

“I’ve been having them for over a year and one thing that is happening is that I’m not getting ill, so there is clearly something in them that is good for me and humans.

“But please let’s not mistake this is not an alternative breakfast or anything like that!”

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