Funny celebrity pics from May 2021

The weatherman who predicted clear skies had better not show his face around Joshua Jackson ever again. 

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Is it really called “old wind” when the queen passes gas? 

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And you thought Wendy Williams’ ex-husband was her biggest hanger-on…

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Is Gigi Hadid’s birthday present the house from “Up”?

Kate Middleton probably wants William to be a baaaad boy sometimes too.

Christian Bale likes his lifesavers orange… We prefer wintergreen.

Lady Gaga would rather be dry, but at least she’s alive.

When he thinks about golf, Prince William thinks about getting an eagle. But when thinking about his sister-in-law, he thinks about giving a birdie.

Dax Shepard is stonewalling DoorDash drivers one delivery at a time.

Piers Morgan’s opinions are like his nose: snotty.

Maybe it’s because of his late night show, but we always took Jimmy Kimmel as more of a Joker.

With Alessandra Ambrosio, the juice is worth the squeeze. 

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