Eminem's surprise Oscars performance was so secret it was reportedly left off show documents

  • Eminem gave an unexpected performance of his 2002 song "Lose Yourself" at the 2020 Oscars at the Dolby Theatre. 
  • It really was a surprise to many.
  • According to Vanity Fair, the performance wasn't on show documents given out.
  • The words "Omit Item" were on documents to keep Eminem's appearance under wraps.
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If you were confused by Eminem's surprise performance at the 2020 Oscars, you weren't alone — the confusion on some attendees' faces as he rapped "Lose Yourself" from the 2002 movie "8 Mile" was real, too.

According to Vanity Fair's Anthony Breznican, the performance was so secret that barely anyone knew about it. 

It wasn't on a list of show documents given out to the crew. Instead, it was labeled "Omit Item" on paperwork.

When it came time for him to perform, Eminem was barely recognizable with a hat hiding the top of his face.

Eminem stepped out on stage after being introduced by Lin Manuel-Miranda.
Blaine Ohigashi / ©A.M.P.A.S.

While many in the crowd bopped to the beat, others like Idina Menzel and Billie Eilish didn't seem to understand why he was there. 

Notably, a seemingly unimpressed reaction from "The Irishman" director Martin Scorsese and his daughter Francesca started to quickly become a meme during the Oscars.

This is the image of Francesca and Martin Scorsese that started to go viral.

Why was Eminem there? 

"Lose Yourself" won the Oscar for best original song at the 2003 Academy Awards. Eminem skipped out on the awards that year and missed out on giving an acceptance speech. 

After receiving a standing ovation at the Oscars, Eminem seemed to tweet an explanation for his appearance, quoting the beginning lyrics to his song.

"Look, if you had another shot, another opportunity… Thanks for having me The Academy. Sorry it took me 18 years to get here," tweeted Eminem, sharing footage from the 2003 Oscars.

Vanity Fair reported the rapper tried to be in and out of the Dolby Theatre, but before he could leave, he was spotted backstage by Salma Hayek.

Salma Hayek stopped Eminem and the two took a quick photo together.
Matt Petit / ©A.M.P.A.S.

Eminem recently released his 10th album, "Music to Be Murdered By," which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. 

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