Dwyane Wade Accidentally Photobombing This Couple's Proposal Is Simply the Best

Imagine proposing to your girlfriend on the beach, only to have Dwyane Wade randomly wander by, making the situation 1,000 times better in the process. Truly an A+ scenario, and exactly what happened to Ryan Basch as he was proposing to his girlfriend Katie in Montecito.

Fortunately for society, someone was around to capture how the whole thing went down, including this in-cred-i-ble photo of Dwyane spotting the proposal taking place before he eventually joined in the pics:

Also yes, you better believe Dwyane shared Ryan’s Instagram on his Stories, writing “It was so dope to witness you guys love!”

Truly this is the best and sweetest thing / why don’t any celebs walk into my photoshoots????

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