Duggar Family Ignores Covid Warnings For Massive New Year’s Eve Party

Folks, we regret to inform you that the Duggars are at it again.

Now, this is a family that engages in obnoxious and ignorant behavior on a daily basis, but usually it’s the sort of thing you can just laugh and cringe at from afar.

But their most recent idiocy could very well end up affecting you directly, if it hasn’t all ready.

You see, it’s because of people like the Duggars that we’re all still wearing masks, ordering takeout, and giving ourselves atrocious haircuts in the bathroom mirror.

Yes, it seems that the Duggars think the coronavirus is a hoax.

Or at least Jim Bob thinks the whole thing is a liberal conspiracy, and most of the rest of the family pretty much does as JB says.

Anyway, you probably heard about the Duggar Christmas party, during which relatives from dozens of different households gathered under one roof, and there wasn’t a mask to be seen in any of the pics.

You’d think in light of the criticism that followed, the Duggars would exercise greater caution with their future holiday celebrations.

We know they’ll never mask-up and act like responsible members of society,

But they could at least be a little bit smarter about making sure the pics don’t go public.

For their New Year’s Eve party, the Duggars didn’t boast about how awesome it was to gather with 40,000 of their closest friends for a pandemic bash.

But they also didn’t confiscate phones at the door, which is clearly what they needed to do in order to keep their shady shenanigans under wraps.

Yes, some unidentified Duggar associate felt the need to document the entire party on Instagram Live, and as you can see, Jim Bob and company ain’t afraid of no ‘rona.

“Wow I cannot believe not a mask in sight,” one person commented on Reddit.

“I feel like I need to quarantine for ten days after watching this video,” a second remarked.

“Jesus god, there are so many people there. I feel like I might catch Covid just watching this video,” a third chimed in, adding:

“Also, i noticed none of the Duggars have posted anything about NYE and are probably tired of getting ‘where is the social distancing…pandemic…..no masks’ comments on their instagrams, so they are trying to be more discreet with their big a** parties,” 

One user proposed a theory that might help to explain why the Duggars are so cavalier in their approach to Covid.

“I’m sure at least one Duggar has gotten COVID but probably had mild symptoms, so they aren’t taking it seriously,” they wrote.

Given the size of the family and the fact that most of its members seem to be taking zero precautions, it stands to reason that at least one Duggar has already contracted the ‘Vid.

We’ll never know for sure, of course, because the Duggars would never release such information.

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They believe that misfortune is a sign of God’s displeasure, and they would never reveal to the world that of their own angered the Almighty enough to be cursed with the ‘Rona.

Fortunately, we can rest assured that at least one member of the family is safe.

Not only has Jill Duggar cut ties with her parents, she’s gone against their ignaorant teachings by wearing a massive throughout the pandemic.

Now that’s the sort of progress we should all strive for in 2021.

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