Dr. Fauci Says Santa Claus Immune to COVID and Won't Spread it

Santa Claus is coming to town, but don’t worry kids … there’s no coronavirus in his sack of goodies — Dr. Anthony Fauci says the jolly guy is immune to COVID!!!!

The good doc is coming through with a dash of good news ahead of Christmas, telling USA Today Santa has “innate immunity” from COVID-19.

You might think Santa would be at a higher risk for COVID because he’s pretty old and overweight … but Fauci’s giving him the all-clear to travel the globe in the pandemic.

So, put out those cookies and a warm glass of milk … Fauci says “Santa is not going to be spreading infections to anybody.” No word if those reindeer have herd immunity … but ya gotta imagine.

BTW … Can’t ya just hear parents around the world? Thanks a lot Fauci! Now we still gotta go shopping.

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