Dolly Parton confident coronavirus will leave us ‘better people’

Dolly Parton is optimistic about the future after the coronavirus pandemic and believes the health crisis will leave us all ‘better people’. 

The Jolene singer, who just released her Netflix movie Christmas On The Square, made a $1 million (£744,000) donation to her local hospital earlier this year. It quite literally paid off as the funds contributed to the recent vaccine candidate created by Moderna, which has a reported 95% success rate. 

In a new interview, Dolly reflected on what society will be like once we’ve recovered from the pandemic and political tensions around the world. 

Speaking to The Sunday Times, the country music legend predicted: ‘When life kinda gets back to normal, I’m thinking we’re going to be better people. We’re gonna try a little harder. I have to believe that. I think we’ll be better after this is all over. 

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‘I know a lot of people that don’t have faith. They’re the ones having the hardest time because you’ve got to believe in something bigger than yourself or you really do have problems.’ 

Dolly, 74, also described the coronavirus pandemic as ‘crazy’ and admitted that she wakes up ‘every morning with a rock in [my] stomach’ due to the US presidential election. 

The musician is famously apolitical publicly and refused to endorse a particular candidate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. 

However she did allude to her beliefs and stated: ‘I don’t care what colour you are, I don’t care what your religion is, I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, transgender. And if I’m gonna be crucified for loving people, well, bring the nails.’

Earlier in the week, Dolly said she was immensely proud for contributing to the development of the coronavirus vaccine which is yet to be approved. 

She said on The One Show: ‘When the pandemic started many months ago, I just kind of felt led to put some money into a programme. 

‘Vanderbilt hospital is a wonderful hospital here, and has been so good to me and my family through the years, so I donated a million dollars and they called it the Dolly Parton Covid Fund.’ 

The 9 To 5 hitmaker added: ‘I’m sure many many millions of dollars by many people went into that but I just felt so proud to have been a part of that little seed money that hopefully will grow into something great and help to heal this world.’

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