Chrissy Teigen slammed for 'out of reality' post about eyebrow transplants

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Chrissy Teigen is facing fan backlash once again.

The 35-year-old cookbook author has come under fire over the course of the year for previously cyberbullying other celebrities and has found herself in a similar situation once again.

On Sunday, Teigen posted on her Instagram story about receiving an eyebrow transplant, Daily Mail reports, and revealed that she underwent the procedure after severely damaging her eyebrows by plucking them.

In the posts, Teigen shared before-and-after photos and told viewers not to overdo it when it comes to grooming their brows.

Chrissy Teigen is receiving backlash for posting about her recent eyebrow transplant procedure.
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However, a number of fans took issue with her sharing such a tribulation.

“People are needing life saving transplants & your out of reality self gets eyebrow transplants,” tweeted one. “Yay for you!”

“Who give a dam! All these people suffering, and trying to pay they bills. They have real problems,” said another. “I don’t have eyebrows. I have thyroid disease. And I don’t care. That a real problem. Chrissy Teigen needs to disappear. For Real.”

Teigen was called "out of reality" for posting about her eyebrows.
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“The world is going to hell in a hand basket but thank heaven that Chrissy Teigen was able to transplant her eyebrows!” said another.

“Saw the headline of an article yesterday that @chrissyteigen got an eyebrow transplant. #richpeopleproblems #tryingnottojudge,” yet another piled on. “Me? Trying to continue to pay bills and live life.”

Teigen insisted fans would give themselves "a heart attack" over constantly taking issue with things she says.
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Teigen addressed the backlash on Monday, sharing a screenshot of a news article about the backlash she’s facing.

“WHY are people so f—ing riled up over any little thing I do?” she wrote over the screenshot. “You’re gonna give yourselves a heart attack.”

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