Chrisean Rock Sucker Punches Someone on Red Carpet After Denying Involvement in Altercation

In a video taken at the premiere of ‘Baddies West’, the reality TV star is seen throwing punch at a woman, who is reportedly a former stylist, before she’s ushered away by a staffer.

AceShowbizChrisean Rock continues to display violent behavior after numerous altercations with her on-and-off boyfriend Blueface and others. The raptress lost her cool at the premiere of “Baddies West” on Sunday, January 22.

In footage seemingly taken by a fan at the event, Chrisean was walking the red carpet when someone apparently triggered her. She was seen throwing a punch at someone, who was off the camera, and looking proud of it, taunting the woman, who is reportedly a former stylist, she sucker punched.

It’s unclear what prompted the assault, but thankfully it did not escalate further as a security guard was seen restraining the woman, who was seemingly trying to retaliate after Chrisean punched her. Meanwhile, a female staffer was seen quickly ushering Chrisean away from the premise.

At the event, Chrisean rocked a glittering blue cropped top and matching shorts. She flashed her tummy and was caressing her stomach on the red carpet, after announcing her pregnancy.

Just hours before the incident at the “Baddies West” premiere, a video surfaced of Chrisean allegedly being involved in a physical altercation with two women over Blueface. She allegedly tried to get the rapper into her car after crashing his 26th birthday on early Saturday morning.

The “Thotiana” spitter reportedly was trying to get away in his own vehicle, with some people following him, including Chrisean. She was getting Blueface to herself on one side of a car, but ended up having a full-on brawl with the two women. At one point, Chrisean got on top of one woman, whose top was pulled off during the altercation, leaving her bare chest fully exposed.

Eventually, Blueface got into his own car, with Chrisean leaving in a different vehicle. It’s unknown if they met up somewhere afterward or if they went their separate ways.

Chrisean, however, has denied her involvement in the fight. The 22-year-old took to Twitter on Sunday to set the record straight, claiming, “I was breaking up a fight I didn’t fight anyone.”

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