Casey Batchelor pregnant with second child with fiance Dane Goodson

Casey Batchelor is pregnant with her and fiance Dane Goodson's second baby – just over a year after she gave birth to little daughter Florence.

The reality star and yoga instructor revealed the happy news today, saying she and Dane didn't want to wait too much longer to start trying because of their age.

"I'm going to have two babies 20 months apart… I can't quite believe it!" she told Closer magazine.

"It'll be tough, but I’m going to ride the storm – we’re just so thrilled we're having another baby."

Casey, who starred in Celebrity Big Brother , went on: "Dane and I wanted more children – we’re both turning 35 and we got engaged in January, so we didn't want to wait much longer, as time is ticking on.

"We decided to start trying, and I got pregnant straight away. I do feel very lucky."

Casey had a rough start to her second pregnancy, suffering from nausea and "nearly fainting", but other than that the reality star "forgets" she's expecting again.

Her and Dane's new arrival is due in early 2020 – but they aren't likely to stop at two children.

Dane wants four or five kids, and has vowed that if they have another girl, they'll keep going until they get a boy.

"Florence wakes me up at 5AM and I’m on my feet a lot – sometimes I forget I’m pregnant! It’s only when I’m tired and I sit down that I remember," she added.

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