Brian May thanks fans for ‘kicking up a stink’ as he addresses TikTok ban ‘I’m back!’

Brian May performs guitar version of The Wellerman sea shanty

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Former Queen guitarist Brian May, 73, has taken to Instagram to thank his followers for helping him get his account reinstated on TikTok. The musician thanked his fans for “kicking up a stink” which resulted in his TikTok account becoming reactivated after it was shut down last night for “multiple Community Guideline violations,” despite the rock star only posting one clip.

Thanks IG pals for kicking up a stink!

Brian May

Addressing his 2.8million followers, Brian announced the good news that he was back on TikTok.

He also posted a snap of his account, which featured just one video and boasted over 200k followers and more than 600k likes.

The guitarist wrote: “Well, I seem to be back! Thanks IG pals for kicking up a stink!” (sic)

Brian went on to joke that he had “broken” the app, and his fans had helped get him reinstated after they had tagged TikTok in the comments to draw attention to the matter.

“I guess I broke Tik Tok!! And you guys got it fixed for me!” he gushed.

The star went on to point out the one video he had posted before he was banned, before musing over why his account was temporarily taken down.

He continued: “So, just so you know what the fuss was all about… this is my one and only post!”

The musician went on to tease fans about future TikTok content, not committing to posting more videos anytime soon.

“Will there be more?” he questioned, before signing off, “I’m still wonderin’!!! Bri.”

Fans flocked to the comments to celebrate the musician rejoining the social media platform.

One enthusiastically wrote: “YAS BRIAN.”

While another added: “He’s back!!”

A third penned: “THANK GOD I WAS SO SAD.” (sic)

Brian’s good news comes hours after he told fans he had been banned from TikTok.

Posting a snap of his deactivated TikTok account, Brian asked his fans for guidance on what to do next.

He wrote: “Whaaaaaat? I guess my career on Tik Tok is over!!! Is this a joke? What did I do!”

Brian went on to say that after posting one video which gained over two million likes, his account was shut down.

“From 0 to 2.1 million views in 48 hours and then back to zero!!!” he fumed before asking his followers for advice.

“Can somebody explain this to me?”

The lead guitarist for Queen went on to ponder if the content he had posted posed a threat to TikTok’s community guidelines.

“Was my post too dangerous for Tik Tok?!!! Do I get to appeal?” he mused, before signing off, “Hello @tiktok? Bri.”

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