Bianca Gascoigne reveals warped body-image drove her to get Brazilian bum lift surgery

The former Love Island babe opened up about her struggle with body dysmorphia in an emotional chat with her mum this week. 

Bianca Gascoigne and her mum Sheryl appeared on Fabulous Magazine’s new podcast, Things I Told My Daughter, along with Lisa Snowdon, as reported by The Sun. 

Discussing her relationship with her body, the 32-year-old revealed she had been driven to go under the knife and have a Brazilian bum lift just four weeks previously.

She said: “I always see this fat chubby kid when I look in the mirror so that’s just always going to be that way.

“I have tried to conquer it but I think, you know, most women do have body hiccups in their mind. But I just kind of give myself more of a hard time.”

Before adding: ”I was late today because it’s actually quite hard for me to get ready because I’ve just had surgery. Putting shoes on and everything isn’t very easy.”

Presenter Lisa asked the model, who is the adopted daughter of former England footballer Paul Gascoigne, whether she’d had surgery on her behind. 

Bianca replied: ”It’s a Brazilian Butt Lift where they take the fat from your tummy and back and they put it in your bum.

“It’s something I thought about for years and years and, like I said, I have this body dysmorphia.”

She went on: ”I have tried to get my bum how I wanted but I never really got there so I saw this as an option. But it really was a scary thing.” 

Her comments might come as a shock to her thousands of fans, as they have long-admired the reality star for her stunning natural beauty. 

Proud mum Sheryl found it difficult to listen to her daughter’s confession and revealed that she had been concerned over the health risks of going under the knife. 

She said: “I was exceptionally worried because it was literally a week after sadly someone passed away from the operation.”

Then, speaking everyone’s minds, Sheryl added: ”I get annoyed that she doesn’t see how beautiful she is. She’s stunning and she doesn’t see that.”

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