Bella Hadid Wears Micro Shorts and Viral Ugg Boots While Grabbing a Slice of Pizza

Dethroning the last pie-wielding, street-eating icon NYC had — Pizza Rat — is Bella Hadid, who certainly adds a level of chicness to sitting on a stoop to each your lunch. The unlikely hero of grab-and-go grabbing gave us a sneak preview of what we can expect from her quirky, whimsical outfits heading into the cooler weather. And if the ‘fits are just as good as this motocross jacket, mini shorts, and Ugg boot sitch, we better get our mood boards (and closets) ready for Bella’s fall fashion moments.

The supermodel who has confidently defended her fun wardrobe choices in the past, telling WSJ Magazine “it doesn’t matter” if people like her style or not, has really made the end of Hot Girl Summer hers. We submit her khaki dad shorts, upscale take on leggings, “whale tail” thong, and mix-‘n-match printed pants and tee into evidence, your honor! Oh, and if you wanted a healthy dose of swimsuit inspo, Bella certainly has you fed, with white string bikinis, patchwork thongkinis, and haute couture two-pieces to boot. While her latest look isn’t *quite* pool appropriate, it does have the signature trappings of a Bella Hadid Original Outfit (trademark pending 😉).

Grabbing a bite to eat with BF Marc Kalman, Bella wore the teeniest, tiniest white sports shorts. The Kin Euphorics founder hiked the bottoms high on her hips, showing off her legs and transforming the shorts into a boy brief underwear-like style. For the top, Bella went with a sick, vintage graphic tee from LEGO, pairing the oversized Opening Ceremony Bonded Western Jacket with the comfy-casual ensemble.

Now here’s the arguably best part of her look — the accessories! Miss Hadid must have traveled back to the ’90s and ’00s to grab these pieces, but the noughties vibes of these pieces are *Chef’s kiss.* To keep the sun out of her eyes, Bella wore the Biker Sunglasses from Choppers, opting for a black and blue shield rim with a grey tinted lens. A simple tote bag, a Smooth Gold Dome Ring by Jacquie Aiche, and her favorite stretch comb headband made their way into the ensemble, quietly supporting the star of Bella’s look — her chunky Ugg boots. The Classic Ultra Mini Platform shoe in chestnut is already selling out, and we can’t help but credit Bella for popularizing the Y2K style once again. To complete the ~vibes~, Bella threw on athletic crew socks to add a sporty flare to the ‘fit.

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