Alex Beresford causes stir with ridiculous vaccine claims after Covid diagnosis

Boris Johnson announces reintroduction of face masks

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Good Morning Britain weather presenter Alex Beresford, 41, announced he has been struck down with Covid. Bed-ridden, the ITV star admitted he “relaxed up” a little bit with mask wearing before he came down with the illness, but admitted he could have been worse if he hadn’t had the vaccine.

I wouldn’t like to imagine how much worse I would be had I not had the vaccine

Alex Beresford

Taking to Twitter, he gave his followers a health update following his diagnosis, as he dreaded to imagine how he would have been if he hadn’t had the vaccine.

“Been in bed since last week with Covid,” he penned, “Feels like a really bad flu.

“I’ve been actively wearing my mask and washing my hands these last few months because I was on projects I couldn’t fall out of, but I know I relaxed up these last 2 weeks and here I am!”

He added in a separate post: “I wouldn’t like to imagine how much worse I would be had I not had the vaccine.”

But his final comments caused a mixed reaction among his followers, some who agreed with the presenter and others who disregarded his statement as “ridiculous”.

@elizabethspar14 penned: “Absolutely! My health husband was really poorly last week and he is double vaxxed. Get well soon.”

“I’m five weeks into it and I’m soooo glad I got vaccinated,” @LittleMissSamagreed.

@sianroberts15 said: “I had it recently after being double jabbed and was so so unwell. It’s frightening to think how bad I might have been if not vaccinated. Hope you are feeling better.”

But others had a different opinion.

@Sharlee10874572 snapped: “You may be surprised to learn… probably the same.”

“This statement is ridiculous!” exclaimed @joleen03790337.

@FlookFights commented: “Probably absolutely fine funnily enough bro.”

Others sent him their support and well wishes for a speedy recovery, while pointing out the importance of keeping safe in this uncertain time.

“Shocking. This is a lesson to us all to be extra vigilant. Things are only going to get worse from here on out and we need to be prepared,” one feared.

A second penned: “Never ever let your guard down. Treat every one as though they are carriers. Get well soon.”

“Trusting you feel better soon Alex, a warning to us all this is far from over and we must all be super careful,” a third added.

“So sorry. Hope you’re better soon. You should never have got sick when you’re doing the right things. The infection rate is just too high and not enough mask wearing,” another commented.

The GMB star recently encouraged his followers to be extra vigilant and wear masks to protect themselves and others against the new variant that is sweeping the nation.

With masks being brought back in an attempt to keep everything under control, Alex stated that everyone should do their bit to reduce the spread of the virus.

He wrote: “If making masks mandatory again keeps the country moving and doesn’t stop us from seeing loved ones this Christmas, just wear one and keep another lockdown at bay.”

The new variant, named Omicron, is understood to have originated in South Africa.

As concerns continue to grow, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last week the reintroduction of some restrictions in public, such as mask-wearing.

Refusing to wear a face mask in areas where they have been outlined as mandatory could land people with a £200 fine.

The restrictions will be reviewed every three weeks in the run up to Christmas.

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