30 Moira Rose Quotes Every ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Fan Should Know By Heart

Whether it’s the high-end fashion, the hilarious storylines, or the emotional, feel-good moments, there’s just so much to love about Schitt’s Creek. While the "maternal" head of the household is quirky with her wide array of wigs and outfit choices, it’s Moira’s witty retorts and hilarious one-liners that truly make her a star. If you’re in need of an IG caption or just a clever comeback, these Moira Rose quotes from Schitt’s Creek will instantly earn you some well-deserved laughs.

Throughout the six seasons of the wildly popular series, all of the characters go through their fair share of highs and lows, but few are more fun to watch than Moira. The former star turned town council member is known for speaking her mind and never knowing her daughter’s middle name, and even though she might not be the most traditional mother, she’s always her family’s biggest fan.

While the series has come to an end, the Schitt’s Creek lives on through Halloween costumes, memes, and of course, quotes from the iconic characters who made it so special. Whether you’re totally over the workday, having drinks with friends, disagreeing with your SO, or voicing support for your besties, there’s a good choice Moira has a quote for you.

Schitt’s Creek is on Netflix now.

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