3 Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Kristin Cavallari

It’s hardly a secret that earth signs make grounded, sensual, and practical partners — so, it only makes sense that Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari, born on Jan. 5, is a level-headed Capricorn. As a cardinal earth sign, Capricorn takes a slow and steady approach to building relationships. Symbolized by the sea goat, Capricorn energy is all about consistency and discipline. For this reason, they value people who are dedicated to living fully. If you’ve ever wondered whether the actress could be your secret soulmate, here are the zodiac signs most compatible with Kristin Cavallari.


As a mutual earth sign, Virgo is known for being practical, analytical, and hard-working. Sound familiar? A love match between Capricorn and Virgo hinges on the simple fact that they operate very similarly. This overlap in both values and identity gives them a lot to bond over from day one. Both are detail-oriented, considerate, and dedicated to achieving their goals. However, as the relationship gets deeper, these two must make a concerted effort to keep things fun and fresh.


Scorpio’s mysterious and otherworldly energy is a stark contrast to Capricorn’s ever-present clarity. However, these energetic opposites can come together to create some explosive chemistry that has the potential for a lasting romance. Scorpio knows how to effortlessly lure hard-working Cap away from their desk without undermining Cap’s diligent nature. On the flip side, Cap brings more directional focus and structure to Scorpio’s fickle nature. As long as effective communication is established early on, negotiating the conflict brought about by their opposing (yet complimentary) qualities can lead to massive personal growth.


Capricorn isn’t known for being the most sensitive sign in the zodiac, because it’s easy for them to feel overwhelmed by too many emotions. Enter: Cancer. The emotionally vibrant crab can help tough-as-nails Cap learn how being in touch with their feelings can be massively beneficial. However, Cap should take note of Cancer’s need for security early on so they don’t end up wounding their crab lover straight out of the gate. If both partners are willing to be vulnerable with each other and meet the other in the middle, this pairing could go the distance.

Nothing can stop a quintessential Capricorn like Cavallari from living their best life. That said, as a very directional sign, it’s easy for Cap to get caught up in the rat race. That’s why it’s so important for Capricorn to date a fellow trailblazer who can accept their workaholic ways, or someone on the opposite end of the spectrum who can show them life from a different perspective.

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